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WWF is a conference on a voluntary basis but has been drawn more global attention than other water-related meetings in terms of its scale and the diversity of participating entities. It has contributed to initiating many global actions in recent years as governments and organizations announce their new commitments in this gathering and encourage relevant groups and organizations to make their own commitments and take concrete actions in a voluntary way. Based on the agreement of the intergovernmental council, the Jakarta Statement towards an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary partnership to consolidate flood risk reduction and sustainable development was proposed at the side event of the 8th HELP meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, in October , and agreed on by the member organizations of IFI.

The Jakarta Statement explains the current status of disaster risk reduction and sustainable development, and presents the direction and actions to take for the promotion of those two ultimate goals. This statement became the foundation of the project, based on which the global effort to establish Platforms on Water and Disaster has gotten underway. Other speakers also delivered very interesting presentations regarding the role of IFI and the need for water-related disaster risk reduction in the world, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

In the case of Sri Lanka, ICHARM supported their emergency response efforts during the flood and sediment disaster in May In August, a meeting was arranged to coordinate relevant organizations towards the establishment of a Platform on Water and Disaster. In Pakistan, a meeting was held in March to discuss the establishment of a Platform on Water and Disaster, and the country is now working towards the plan.

An operational prototype for flood forecasting and early warning system based on near-real-time GSMaP data and RRI model was developed. In addition, the real-time flood forecasting system was automated and a test web-page for dissemination of data, model outputs,. Totally, five session of capacity building and hands-on trainings were conducted on the basic theory, technological background, know-how on hydrological modeling, satellite data processing and bias correction, and their applications in hydrological modeling. The final stakeholder meeting was conducted in Head office of Irrigation department of Sri Lanka.

This study is focused on maximizing the usage GSMaP rainfall products and GPM data and to develop a prototype for an advanced system that comprises of following cutting-edge methods and models; a a bias correction algorithm for GSMaP, b water-energy based rainfall-runoffinundation model for inundation and river flow estimation, c soil moisture assimilation system, d simulator for early-warning of sediment hazards e. A prototype system is developed and executed in Sri Lanka Kalu river basin. The system outputs and flood related early warning and monitoring information is disseminated through a web-page developed at Data Integration and Analysis System DIAS.

Both parties agreed to pursue development of their capacity with the purpose of addressing local and national challenges in the mutual areas of interest, including 1 real-time and nation-wide rainfall monitoring by combining the automated rain gauge network in Sri Lanka and the satellite-based rainfall monitoring system installed at the Data Integration Analysis System DIAS , 2 ensemble rainfall prediction; and 3 sediment disaster process modeling by using the local event data and watersediment transport combined models.

In this phase, Indus-IFAS has been improved to further upgrade its functions: specifically, a new function to calculate the impact of snowmelt in the upper Indus River basin and a new interface to use satellite rainfall after correction with ground rainfall. And, the area coverage of IFAS was expanded to include the eastern tributaries of the Indus River in the joint effort with governmental agencies and universities of Pakistan.

Training and participation in the master s program for Pakistani engineers were conducted. In addition, a new training program for discharge observation using acoustic Doppler current profilers is being prepared. Main counterpart of this project was the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology DMH , the Ministry of Transport and Communications, while all other government organizations concerned to the flood management were participated in this project as a member of Implementation Network to share the outcomes of this project.

Flood hazard maps were developed specifically for the three Myanmar cities of Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyine using RRI model and storm surge model. Workshops were conducted at three cities to share hazard maps and discuss the practical use of hazard maps for flood management. Series of trainings were conducted for trainer candidates of DMH and Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department to improve the knowledge and skill of flood hazard simulation model.

Methodology of flood disaster risk assessment was also introduced to simulate the agricultural flood damage caused by flood. Finally, this project made several recommendations for the future improvement of flood management in Myanmar Typhoon Committee The Typhoon Committee TC is an inter-governmental body organized under the joint auspices of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific ESCAP and the World Meteorological Organization WMO in in order to promote and coordinate the planning and implementation of measures required for minimizing the loss of life and material damage caused by typhoons in Asia and the Pacific.

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ICHARM has been active in trying to disseminate research results or new findings through various channels, such as submission of papers to internationally recognized journals, contribution to book chapters, and publication of various reports as shown in the following table. Niamey, Niger, June please specify sources of main budgetary and extra budgetary funds to implement projects 2 please write international networks, consortiums or projects that the centre is part of, or any other close links that the centre has with international organizations or programmes, which are not already mentioned above.

Santiago, Chile, March Helped support travel to, spoke at and helped summarize G-WADI s strategic planning workshop on More than a decade enhancing water and sustainable development for arid regions, which. Koblenz, Germany. The meeting was hosted by the. Communication ICIWaRM s primary communications mechanism is through its website, which redirects to The site had to be migrated from in early , due to the shutting down of the US government site-hosting system. Robert Pietrowsky, retired in June Following a series of acting directors, Dr. William Logan was named director in April Other leadership changed in the period Dr.

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Joe Manous replaced Mr. James Dalton replaced Mr. And Mr. Jo Ellen Darcy.

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Downloads of precipitation data from UC-Irvine s Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing have more than doubled every year from 0. With modest multi-year funding in place from the State Department, we anticipate continued efforts to assist in transboundary water management, and with a publication on Collaborative Risk-Informed Decision Analysis near completion, we believe that this will create a demand signal for assistance in adaptation to changing conditions for water resources management.

Some are from the peer-reviewed literature; others are abstracts. The list is likely incomplete. Abitew, T. Beck, H. Demaria, E. Short-term climate change impacts on Mara basin hydrology. Valdes, S. Wi, A. Serrat-Capdevila, R.

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Journal of Hydrology, , pp Ekeu-Wei, I. Sustainable development, climate variability and data limitation in flood management. Gilroy, K. Climate Services. Climate risk informed decision analysis CRIDA : A novel practical guidance for climate resilient investments and planning. Karbalaee, N. Kucharski, J. Mendoza, G. Springer, Singapore. Tkach, J. Kucharski, and R. Community engagement in water resources planning using serious gaming. Nguyen, P. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Nature Climate Change, 6 1 , p. Roy, T. Water Resources Research, 53 1 , pp Roy, T.

Journal of Hydroinformatics, 19 6 , pp Serrat-Capdevila, A. Remote Sensing, 8 10 , p. Shearer, E.

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  • Shinde, V. Koh, M. Babel, and G. Stakhiv, E. Water Policy, 18 S2 , pp Stakhiv, E. Water Policy, p. Olszewski, R. Chaudhry and G. Yang, Z. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 8 , pp. Also, some 30 scholars from different parts of Iran participated in the workshop and exchanged their ideas about the footprint of water in human cultures. The participants discussed the invisible aspect of water which underlies many cultural and social structures in different parts of the world, and the significance of water which is manifest in a wide variety of cultural realms from myths to belief systems, art and literature.

    The workshop viewed intangible water culture as a very precious heritage which is indispensable for the water experts to know about in order to configure a sustainable water management system. For the first phase of this project, the center s senior expert carried out a thorough investigation on those qanats between 11 and 20 February , and then submitted the final report.

    The book Qanat of Zarch was announced as the winner of Year Book Award at the first festival of the Yazd year book on 14 March Some of the qanats of Yazd province are among the most prominent qanats of Iran and even the world, and qanat of Zarch is a good example.

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    This book examines different historical, geographical, legal, economic, social, technical and managerial aspects of the qanat of Zarch. Ebrahimi, Rajab A. Labbaf Khaniki was published by ICQHS in The book contains a comprehensive study on examines the qanats of Qasem Abad and Emamiyeh which are of great importance from technical and historical points of view. The qanat of Qasem Abad has been built at a deeper level than the qanat of Emamiyeh, so it can drain out the groundwater infiltration in addition to the water of Golestan dam which seeps into the qanat gallery, whereas qanat of Emamiyeh exclusively relies on the water of Golestan dam which percolates downward.

    The historical studies suggest that the qanat of Emamiyeh has been built following the construction of Golestan dam, and it seems to have something to do with the dam mechanism. Qanats of Qasem Abad and Emamiyeh carry technical and economic importance in addition to their historical value, because they are supplying drinking water to a part of western Mashhad. These two qanats used to play a vital role in the agricultural economy in the region in the past, and now they are being applied in water supply sector in the face of the intensive urban sprawl in Mashhad. The book shows that the modern urban sprawl has changed the application of the qanats but could not eliminate them.

    Therefor these qanats can be considered special examples which deserve more attention. This panel examined the two elements of qanat and tourism as well as the relationship between them. The panel delved into the urban values revolving around qanat, including traditional architecture, which can be brought to the fore in tourism sector especially in the Iranian desert cities.

    According to the panel, qanat is a genius technology which has made it possible for humans to exist and flourish in such a dry environment. This panel suggested adding new functions to the existing qanats in order to better justify their existence and guarantee their preservation.

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    One of these functions is tourism in qanat. In other words, tourism and its.